Raimondi SL20-TC Crane Lift

The Raimondi SL20-TC crane lift is designed to allow access to the top of the tower crane, and facilitates quick ascent to allow crane operators increased working hours and reduced physical fatigue. The elevator can be fitted to a range of existing brands and systems, boasting an exterior installation and adaptability to different tower sections without modifications of the mast structure, and has large tie distance for easy assembly. The SL20-TC can be erected from the cabin roof, and the light-weight ladder sections are ideal for manual assembly. The lift is accessed from the door facing the crane by a hinged ramp with lateral protections and a sliding door. The lift’s roof is designed with a trapdoor to enable top access during assembly, and the trapdoor doubles as a safety measure in the event an emergency rescue is required. The elevator’s vertical hose is guided with a trolley below the cabin to avoid entanglement. Reversible lift with access on the right or left of mast section to fit different tower crane systems. In addition, the SL20-TC elevator is fitted with front and side windows meant to facilitate easy crane inspection.


Tower modifications are not required. Assembly is simple and previous tower crane models can be retrofitted to accommodate the SL20-TC crane elevator.

The SL20-TC is in compliance with Standard EN81-43: Crane Lifts – Safety Requirements.

  • A geared motor brake
  •  Fall arrest device
  • Manual emergency descend
  • Rack inductive detector
  • Emergency stop
  • Travel limit switches
  • Buffers at travel limits
  • Non-slip floor
  • Cabin access door with electromechanical interlock
  • Access ramp with railings and limit switch
  • Top trapdoor with limit switch
  • Inside ladder for top access
  • Low voltage panel
  • Phase control
  • Cabin roof railing
  • Interior cabin lighting
  • Overload device
  • Liftway protection and landing gates

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