Raimondi MRT42 topless tower crane

The MRT42 is a Raimondi crane from the topless tower crane range.

City Tower: 0.975 m (3.2 ft) tower.

*This product is no longer in production, for further information please contact the Raimondi Cranes Technical Office


Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Hook HeightEN14439.C2529.9 m98.09 ft
FEM 1.00129.9 m98.08 ft
Max Lifting Capacity4.0 t8818.49 lb
Max Radius39.0 m127.95 ft
Height Of Tower
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius1.05 t2303.8 lb
Hoist Gear11 kW15 hp
Slewing Gear13 kW4 hp
Trolley Travel Gear2.2 kW3 hp

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