Raimondi MRT84 topless tower crane

The MRT84 crane is one of Raimondi’s from the topless tower crane range.

City Tower: 1.2 m (3.9 ft.) / HC Tower:  1.18 m (3.9 ft.) | HUH 41.0 m

As a very light crane, the MRT84 can be erected with a small mobile, making it perfect for narrow worksites.


Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Hook HeightEN14439.C2542.3 m138.78 ft
FEM 1.00142.3 m138.78 ft
Max Lifting Capacity5.0 t11,023.1 lb
Max Radius51.0 m167.32 ft
Height Of Tower
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius1.26 t2777.8 lb
Hoist Gear22 kW30 hp
Slewing Gear14 kW5.5 hp
Trolley Travel Gear3.6 kW5 hp

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