Raimondi MRT111 topless tower crane

The MRT111 is one of Raimondi’s heritage cranes from the topless tower crane range

The maximum lifting capacity of the crane at 8t. and a maximum height of 131 meters allows this crane to be employed across a variety of jobsites and addresses various heavy lifting needs. The MRT111, still at work in several jobsite around Europe, Middle East and Australia, offers great versatility in tower height and high performance in terms of maximum load and hoist speeds.


Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Hook Height EN14439.C25 47.0M 154.20FT
47.0M 154.20FT
Max Hook Height FEM 1.001 47.0M 154.20FT
FEM 1.001
47.0M 154.20FT
Max Lifting Capacity 8T 17637LB
Max Radius 60.0M 196.85FT
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius 1.27T 2789.0LB
Falls 2/4
Hoist Power 22kW 30hp
Slewing Gear 1 4kW 5.5hp
4kW 5.5hp
Trolley Travel Gear 3.6kW 5hp

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