Raimondi MRT573 topless tower crane

First shown at Bauma 2019, the Raimondi MRT573 is the company’s heaviest lifting model in the product portfolio. The MRT573’s attractive aspects include its maximum lifting capacity of 24t, and the 3.41t tip load at 80 meter maximum radius.

Equipped with an 110kW hoisting gear, the MRT573 lift at a maximum speed of 91 meters per minute (m/m) and has a drum capacity of 1000m, boasting excellent lifting performance. This flat-top is ideal for large-scale developments.

Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Lifting Capacity 24T 26.5FT
Max Radius 80M 262,2FT
Lifting Capacity at Max Radius 3.41T 3,759FT
Falls 2/4
Hoisting 110kW 150hp
Slewing 7.5kW 10hp
Trolleying 15kW 20hp