Raimondi Products

Raimondi Cranes prides itself on incorporating the latest in safety developments, paired with a high functioning and intelligently-designed technological edge. Fully designed and manufactured in our ancestral home of Legnano, Milan, Raimondi Cranes (Raimondi) has more than 150 years of history of the finest European craftsmanship.

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As part of our mission to deliver superior models to market, a key production pillar at Raimondi is prioritizing crane operator comfort and ease-of-use in all of our products. Hours of hands-on testing and extensive crane operator-feedback study has culminated in enhanced designs that facilitate productivity while ensuring the safest possible jobsite conditions.

Raimondi Cranes has revitalized its product research and development segment. Since 2014, the company has steadily increased its in-house R&D activities with a focus on intelligent design and the application of easy and safe heavy lifting machinery erections. Now part of our manufacturing tradition, excellence in end-user experience and ease of maintenance are two pillars the company has incorporated into its manufacturing techniques. Specializing in topless tower cranes, Raimondi is also centering on luffing jib cranes. Spearheaded by Technical Director Eng. Domenico Ciano, Raimondi’s technical team is highly adept at both existing and bespoke solutions for jobsites of all sizes and tenures.