Clark Cranes erects 71st Raimondi crane in Melbourne

Clark Cranes erects 71st Raimondi crane in Melbourne

Company News: 3 October 2016

A luffing LR165 was erected at the Astrina 5 – 7 Irving Avenue Box Hill jobsite, the 71st Raimondi crane currently at work in Melbourne, Australia. A Desyne Developments project, Element Five was appointed as builder for the on-schedule residential construction venture. Clark Cranes erected the LR165 to a freestanding height of 42 meters with a 33.5-meter jib over a period of two days, despite the challenge of inclement weather. “The Raimondi LR165 was chosen for this particular jobsite due to its great load chart. A 12-tonne machine, it allows for swift and agile maneuvers by the crane operator making it ideal for use at the Box Hill development,” said Michael Clark, Managing Director, Clark Cranes. “The cabin has excellent operator viewing capability, and the crane is easy to manage during erection and dismantling phases using a 160-tonne mobile crane, which we also provide.”

On hire for a duration of 12 months, the crane is tasked with lifting precast fabrication concrete and other materials from the street right on to the jobsite, putting its 12-tonne lifting capacity to work. “Because we work with a lot of precast, a mobile crane is also needed to turn panels as they cannot be transported at that height. We supply that readily to our clients – ensuring no extra hidden costs to the jobsite. It also means a smoother overall jobsite and cohesive operations as Clark Cranes is a one-stop-shop. We handle everything for our clients, from servicing to maintenance to erection all the way to dismantling stage,” he continued. Prior to the LR165 erection, Clark Cranes also positioned a Raimondi MRT144 next door to the Astrina 5 -7 Irving Avenue Box Hill jobsite. The MRT144, at a height of 48 meters with a 32-meter jib, has a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes. “Including the newly erected LR165, we currently have five cranes in the area. Box Hill is a very busy residential development, and we expect to see many more of our cranes placed within the vicinity over the next two years.”


The official Raimondi agent of Melbourne, Clark Cranes was founded by Michael Clark following the success of his first company, Associated Mobile Cranes. Addressing Melbourne’s active development market and construction sector, Robert Clark created the company to answer market demand for more cost-effective crane solutions. “We have a very strong relationship with Element Five, having worked together for more than eight years. As a premier builder in this region, Element Five is present across tons of jobsites in Melbourne and we’re consistently collaborating to meet their heavy machinery needs. We currently have 10 tower cranes on hire to Element Five, and they have also purchased three Raimondi cranes from us – three MRT144s and one five-tonne MRT84. Our clients have assurance that we execute everything from start to finish, including supply, erection, dismantling and so on, and with the direct Raimondi support that we are afforded we can answer any construction need,” continued Clark, adding that the company is ready to field bespoke requests for heavy lifting machines tailored to a contractor’s specifications.

“We have 70 staff members including two crews of technicians who execute erection and dismantling and maintenance. We’ve got the best products, and no one can match our service level. The most important factor in the success of Clark Cranes is that we’re ready to put client requirements first. Within 24 hours we will turnaround any jobsite need, and we even have our own in-house draftsman that can get you drawings for a specific jobsite.”

 A rendering of the Astrina 5 Irving Avenue, Box Hill development. Image courtesy Desyne Developments

A rendering of the Astrina 5 Irving Avenue, Box Hill development. Image credit: Desyne Developments