The right parts for your high performance machines

Raimondi Cranes offers clients direct access to a wide range of parts via our online catalogue.

Why choose original parts from the manufacturer?
  • Spare parts from the manufacturer are meant to work synergistically with the cranes we produce, thus ensuring you have continued optimal performance.
  • Raimondi’s authentic spare parts reduce the likelihood of avoidable malfunctions and failures.
  • Spare parts from the manufacturer maintain overall crane productivity and ensure you are doing your utmost to ensure jobsite safety.
Raimondi Cranes reminds all Service Stations that the use of non-original spares may lead to the loss of certification validity and/or to warranty void. Our Company Policy firmly ensure the prosecution of third parties who manufacture, provide or "certifies" parts and accessories without the approval of Raimondi Cranes. Get in touch now for a personalized consultation with our in-house experts. Make sure to sure to have the crane serial number when contacting us to help our team be faster!

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