Two Raimondi cranes participate in the construction of a new Toronto area residential development

Two Raimondi cranes participate in the construction of a new Toronto area residential development

News: 2 November 2021

Hardcastle Group, one of Canada’s premier concrete formwork and tower crane rental companies, recently deployed one Raimondi flattop tower crane and one Raimondi luffer for 8888Yonge residential development in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“We offer our clients the most technologically advanced equipment to meet their needs, and this is one of the many reasons why we have recently added several new models of ultramodern Raimondi Cranes to our fleet,” said Mark Mungo, Vice President, Hardcastle Group.

The Canadian company currently has five Raimondi cranes within its fleet, and decided to deploy two for the construction of a new residential development in one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighborhoods. “The decision to rent to Metroview Developments, contractor of the project, a combination of luffing and flattop models came after evaluating the site characteristics and challenges. The accessibility issues of the site and the surrounding buildings made us opt for a luffer to reach tighter spaces, as opposed to two flattops,” Mungo explained.

The LR165, adjacent to an existing building confining to the property line of 8888 Yonge, was chosen for its ability to raise the jib thereby allowing reduction of the out of service radius. Onsite with a jib length of 39m and a tip load of 5.50kg, the 12tn presents five sections of tower, and a climbing base for a total of 34.4m height.

The MRT294, a 14t efficient flattop, meets the jobsite requirements in terms of maximum lifting capacity as well as adaptability and durability in a variety of climates, an essential feature for Canadian jobsites,” he concluded. The machine, fitted with the Raimondi Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin, is currently working at a height of 46.2m with a jib length of 36m and a tip load of 8.75kg.

Planned to be onsite for 13 and eight more months respectively, the cranes will be lifting material and equipment associated with formwork construction such as lumber, rebar, and concrete until completion of the project.

Situated in a community surrounded by parks and commercial spaces, 8888Yonge, part of The Yonge Series, will feature a luxury residential condominium development comprised of 204-units across 15-storeys.

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