AKEM Group begins erections of new Raimondi tower cranes in Istanbul

AKEM Group begins erections of new Raimondi tower cranes in Istanbul

Company News: 14 November 2017

The official agent of Raimondi Cranes in Turkey, AKEM Group, has completed the erection of a new MRT159 topless tower crane with a height under hook (HUH) of 66m on a jobsite in Üsküdar, Istanbul. The MRT159 is the first of four Raimondi cranes to be placed on the site, which is being managed by Kalyon Construction.

Kalyon Construction, with nearly 50 years in the sector, is best known for its mega infrastructure projects with a portfolio that spans transportation hubs, airports and energy facilities.

The Raimondi MRT159 is the first crane to be erected on the Kalyon Construction jobsite

“A total of four Raimondi cranes will be positioned in Üsküdar. The newly-erected MRT159 is planned to be onsite for approximately 12-14 months at the residential development. Two 10 tonne MRT189s will be erected in three months’ time, and a final MRT159 is to follow shortly thereafter,” said H. Okan Deligöz, General Manager, AKEM Group.

“We felt that the MRT159 would be a great value for our clients due to the crane’s maximum load of 10 tonnes with a 60m jib (2.2 tonnes). In Turkey, a load of iron or steel is typically around 2-2.1 tonnes, making this particular model versatile for any company that has recurring construction needs,” he continued. “Having previously worked with Kalyon Construction on the prestigious Kartal project designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, a new civic, residential and transport hub in Turkey, we have forged a strong relationship based on our dedication to client needs in terms of technical support.”

In total, four Raimondi cranes are to be erected at the residential development jobsite under Kalyon Construction

First unveiled at ANKOMAK 2016, the MRT159, which has a 65 meter jib length and a maximum tip load of 1650 kg, boasts a maximum load of 10,000 kg. It also features a selection of three different winches with 30 kW, 37 kW and 45 kW motors, respectively.

H. Okan Deligöz, General Manager, AKEM Group onsite during Komatek 2017 in Ankara, Turkey

The MRT189 guarantees easy, safe and comfortable access to all main systems. Winches, pulleys, electrical cabin, and safety devices can all be installed in a city version of the MRT189, using a city tower section, or in a climbing version. Both versions are available for installation on an embedded element, a fixed cross base, or a travelling cross base.

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Looking upward at the newly erected MRT159