Four Raimondi topless tower cranes at work on new healthcare facility in southern Italy

Three Raimondi MRT234 and one Raimondi MRT48 topless tower cranes have been deployed in Calabria, Italy, for the construction of Sibaritide Hospital.

Erected on foundation elements, the MRT234s are currently at work with the maximum radius of 70m and heights ranging between 26.5m and 44.25m. The MRT48 presents a height under the hook (HUH) of 20.6m and jib length of 36m.

Image Credit – D’Agostino Costruzioni official website: Raimondi MRT234 captured onsite heavy lifting

“We are proud to support the contractor of the project, D’Agostino Costruzioni, by selling four Raimondi cranes. Having our machines play a role in major Italian projects means a great deal to us; we are always looking to take part in local community enhancement movements,” stated Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

The development is set to improve the region’s access to quality healthcare, as the new facility addresses an existing infrastructural deficiency. Presently, 91% of the concrete frame has been built. The new healthcare structure will accommodate 376 beds and dedicated departments all equipped with the latest technologies.

“Our technical team opted for two models from our heritage series as the large tip load of the machines – 2.25tn for the MRT234s and 1.70tn for the MRT48 – is an added value for projects of this nature. With tight completion schedules, it boosts productivity and increases ROI in a shorter timeframe,” explained Badin.

Badin highlighted that an asset of the MRT234 is the jib and tower configuration versatility, considered ideal for crowded medium-to-large scale developments.

Equipped with a 55kW hoist and a drum capacity of 700m, the MRT234-12t can lift at a maximum speed of 120 meters per minute (m/min), while the MRT48-4t is installed with a 11kW hoist and a drum of 140m lifts at a maximum speed of 30m/min. The four flat-tops will remain onsite until completion of the project, anticipated to be Q1 2024.

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Two Raimondi MRT111s for the construction of new university campus in Cyprus

Official Raimondi agent for Cyprus, conAgro, installed two MRT111 flat-tops in the Cypriot city of Pafos. The cranes are supporting the construction of the new university campus in the area, the first outpost of the American University of Beirut (AUB) outside MENA.

“We are thrilled to participate in this higher education project with two Raimondi flat-tops, and further continued our long-lasting partnership with AtlasPantou – MAN JV Construction Group. The two machines were previously sold and put to work on another of the contractor’s projects, Limassol Del Mar, a much anticipated luxury beachfront development,” explained Petros Rouvas, Chief Executive Officer, conAgro.

Dismantled from the jobsite in Q3 of 2022, the MRT111s were newly erected by the conAgro operational team shortly thereafter. Following a swift installation process, the cranes are expected to remain onsite for approximately 12 months.

“The MRT111 is a strong model to have in any fleet as it performs well in terms of maximum load and hoist speeds, as well as its tower height versatility. Additionally, in line with the market trends of the area, many jobsites require cranes with a maximum lifting capacity ranging between 8t and 10t,” Rouvas continued.

Two Raimondi MRT111 flat-top tower cranes captured at work in Cyprus for the construction of a new university campus

The first MRT111 has a height under the hook of 30 meters and a jib length of 48m, while the second is freestanding at 36m with a jib of 50m and a tip load of 2.3tn. Both machines are equipped with a 30kW hoist and a drum capacity of 450m, and can lift at a maximum speed of 100 meters per minute.

Expected to be completed in Autumn 2023, the new campus will host administration buildings, classrooms spread over three floors, and an auditorium. The new AUB campus in Cyprus aims to serve a broader audience while offering students exchange opportunities and collaborative research projects between Lebanon and Cyprus.

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Raimondi Middle East deploys two luffers in one of Dubai’s most vibrant districts

Raimondi Middle East erected two LR213 luffing jib cranes for the construction of one of the latest high-rise development clusters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Two new Raimondi LR213s were installed in one of Dubai’s largest communities, Jumeirah Lake Towers, for the construction of a 163m height mixed-use tower. Upon completion, the new 40-storey tower will feature 330 residential units alongside commercial spaces.

“We rented these two luffers to the project contractor, M/S Bu Haleeba Contracting, after carefully evaluating the jobsite specifications and the client’s requirements. Rising in one of the most densely populated and congested neighborhoods of Dubai, the site’s surrounding towers were the key aspects considered during site planning phase, and choosing the suitable crane model,” said Wael Hasan, Middle East Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

Luffing jib cranes were chosen to avoid collision and overfly of surrounding properties, paired with the LR213’s good lifting capacity. “The two LR213s, having maximum lifting capacity of 14tn, are currently at work onsite with a tower mast of 36m and a jib length of 50m.”Equipped with a 55kW hoisting winch with a drum capacity of 880m, the cranes lift at a maximum speed up to 104 meters per minute,” Hasan continued.

Two Raimondi LR213 luffing jib cranes at work in Dubai with a jib length of 50m

In the early site mapping stages, climbing plans were drawn up, as the luffers need to reach a final height of 163m. The tightly built-up surroundings of the Dubai jobsite meant that no external climbing would be possible, thereby necessitating an internal climbing plan.

Hasan explained it was essential to study each stage of the internal climbing, noting that “Raimondi is one of the few manufacturers that offer the possibly to have a 14t maximum lifting capacity luffer with an internal climbing mast section of 39m height, that allows placement of connection collars at 13-meter distance.” Each crane can be climbed every third floor, reducing climbing operations and consequently boosting site productivity. A great advantage in the Middle East as usually internal climbs occur every 2 floors.”

The Raimondi LR213s have been captured heavy lifting onsite in Dubai

The cranes were erected by the Raimondi Middle East Operations team and will remain onsite for approximately 24 months.

Raimondi Middle East is currently working across several different UAE jobsites, with more than 50 cranes deployed. Significantly, Raimondi continues to support the development of Aljada megacity in Sharjah, and key residential buildings in Dubai.

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Raimondi Cranes unveils new brand and company vision

  • Celebrating the heritage, heralding the future – Raimondi debuts a renovated look built upon solid foundations
  • Raimondi announces an extensive rebranding that reflects a new approach to the crane manufacturing sector
  • Raimondi’s new corporate assets include a new brand, new headquarters and 14 new flat-tops aiming to raise expectations

Raimondi Cranes SpA, heritage manufacturer of intelligently designed machinery, unveiled a new corporate identity and vision for the global construction audience.

“We are delighted to present a new visual identity for Raimondi Cranes, one that builds on its long heritage within the global construction industry. For the past two years we have been working on reshaping our vision with heavy investments into a new manufacturing facility, and by allocating substantial resources to our R&D department,” said Eng. Diego Borgna, CEO, Raimondi Cranes.

Spanning almost 160 years of manufacturing history and business activity, Raimondi’s passion and knowledge fortifies its reputation for developing quality products that resonate with client needs—a customer-centric approach has always been one of Raimondi’s key characteristics.

Building on this enduring value proposition, the company has invested extensive resources into two core areas of business: a new production facility implementing lean-manufacturing innovative techniques, and the development of 14 new flat-tops that have been optimized according to customer feedback. 

“The strategic decision to rebrand echoes recent innovations and encapsulates the company’s embraced vision of being the most responsive global leader in scalable heavy lifting solutions,” continued Eng. Borgna.

The overhaul of the company’s visual identity, a process that occurred over 16 months, represents a milestone for Raimondi as it is the company’s first full rebranding in decades. The renewed look and feel is confident, dynamic, and contemporary.

The new logo pays homage to Raimondi’s legacy by placing focus on one of its strongest design elements, the ‘R’ icon, while simplifying and modernizing it to signify efficiency and innovation. Raimondi’s signature shade of red has been replaced with a monochrome schema, conveying the company’s modernized approach. Touches of the heritage red will still be implemented on Raimondi’s products—the core of its business—symbolic of the idea that past and present can coexist in growth.

“Retaining Raimondi’s heritage and values was a top priority. The new branding reflects our evolving positioning and growing market ambitions with the aim of raising expectations. We will use it to drive expansion into new markets together with a series of new products, services, and solutions,” he concluded.

The rebrand will be rolled out over the next two weeks following the launch of Raimondi’s refreshed website. The official unveiling of the brand will take place at Bauma from October 24-30, 2022, in Munich, Germany.

Raimondi Cranes announces extensive show plan for Bauma 2022

The Italian manufacturer is set to present two of its newest flat-top tower cranes. Raimondi’s exhibit at Bauma will include the first showing of Raimondi’s new machines to the global marketplace alongside its refreshed accessory range and new corporate vision.

Raimondi Cranes SpA, heritage manufacturer of intelligently-designed machinery, will unveil its new visual identity while showcasing two new cranes and a newly-designed cabin onsite at Bauma 2022.

The cranes will be erected at the Raimondi Cranes exhibit situated at FS 1102/2 in the event’s outdoor area at the Messe München Trade Fair Center. Raimondi’s senior management team, together with its full official agent roster, will be welcoming visitors onsite for the duration of the event from October 24-30, 2022.

“The past 14 months have marked an exciting new era for Raimondi with the company working on several fundamental projects, including the conceptualization and development of a new series of flattops,” said Eng. Diego Borgna, Chief Executive Officer, Raimondi Cranes.

“We will also take the opportunity of the gathering at Bauma, the largest exhibition in the construction industry, to present our new vision and guiding principals to clients, industry stakeholders, and our respected contemporaries in the sector,” he said. Eng. Borgna added that the details around the new 29,000 sq. m. company headquarters will also be shared at the event.

The newest range of Raimondi flat-tops is comprised of two series; the two lineups aim to excite and meet market demand, with further details to be released at a later date. The new models have a range of lifting capacities, from 6t-24t, and boast many technical innovations.

“Our R&D department have been working extensively on developing cranes that respond to market trends and client needs. The new range of machines, designed with fleet rental companies top of mind, will include unique characteristics such as adaptable and lighter jibs, a new seamless crane control system, simplified and compatible components, as well as new tower sections allowing for both internal and external climbing,” said Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

All machines will be equipped with the new crane cabin, available in two models, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and safety. Significant improvements have been made on the structural side with the cabin now featuring a single glass block on the frontal and side windshields, allowing an increase in visibility by 30%. Other major features are the canalized air system to reduce window fogging, an ergonomic seat, and several internal accessories to boost crane operator comfort.

“We are excited to present a new Raimondi that honors our heritage, while heralding in the future of the company,” Badin continued. “We look forward to welcoming clients, visitors, colleagues, and sector stakeholders, at our exhibit during this pivotal time for the company.”

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Two Raimondi flat-tops at work on new building cluster in Toronto

Straw Construction Group puts one Raimondi MRT234 and one MRT294 to work for urban redevelopment project in Greater Toronto Area 

JESS Equipment Inc., the Canadian equipment management company operating under the Straw Construction Group, supplied two Raimondi flat-top tower cranes to a new building cluster. The jobsite, situated in North York, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is for the construction of three new rental buildings across the street from Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

“The decision to utilize these two Raimondi’s on this important project, is based on the superior lifting capacity of the machines, as well as the fast lifting and loading speeds,” said Sante Paglia, Director of Jess Equipment Inc.

Paglia added that due to the dimensions of the site and the project’s tight completion deadline, it was essential to choose high performing machines with significant hoist speed.

The MRT234 presents a maximum lifting capacity of 12t. and is freestanding at a height of 35.6m. The machine has been configured with a jib length of 48.4 meters and a tip load of 5.6t. Equipped with a 55kW winch and a drum capacity of 700 meters, the flat-top maximum lifting speed is 22 meters per minute.

Raimondi MRT234 flat-top captured onsite in North York, Canada, for the construction of a new cluster

The MRT294, which freestands at a height of 36.2m, is at work with a jib length of 42.37m and a 7.6t tip load. The 16t maximum lifting capacity crane is fitted with a 75kW winch and 700 meter drum boosting a maximum lifting speed of 26 meters per minute.

This Raimondi MRT294-16t is freestanding at 36.2m height with a jib length of 42.37m

The machines had a staggered installation schedule, in line with the jobsite progress. Both cranes, erected by Total Crane Hoisting & Rigging Inc., will remain onsite for a total of approximately 18 months.

“With the jobsite located in close proximity to Yorkdale Shopping Centre, one of the busiest centres in Toronto, as well as the Highway 401, one of the most trafficked highways in Canada, the biggest challenges of the project were to ensure smooth operations when accessing the site and to guarantee that the cranes do not swing outside the boundaries of the site,” Paglia explained.

Upon completion, the site will feature three contemporary towers hosting 760 residential rental units, commercial spaces, and several modern amenities.

“Currently, we have seven Raimondi cranes within our fleet, all at work at different jobsites around the Greater Toronto Region. We are proud to participate in this landmark project by Fitzrovia and have utilized two of Raimondi’s heaviest lifting machines in order to ensure its successful delivery,” he concluded.

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Akem Group purchases two Raimondi MRT159 topless tower cranes at Bauma 2022 

Akem Group, marking its official Raimondi Cranes agency of two decades, placed an order for two new MRT159 flat-top tower cranes during Bauma 2022.

The deal was signed between Gokhan Ibrahimiye, Director General, Akem Group, and Cristian Badin, Commercial Director at Raimondi Cranes.

“The tower crane market in Turkey is steadily recovering after the pandemic with the increase in demand for high performing machines, particularly for use in the construction of infrastructure and residential developments,” Ibrahimiye said. “Our fleet is comprised of more than 100 Raimondi cranes, all at work across different sites in Turkey, Iraq, and Georgia.”

“To date, the MRT159 is still one of the most successful models in the country due to its 10t maximum lifting capacity, the great tip load of 3.24t at 50m jib, and its ease of installation,” Ibrahimiye added. He highlighted that the model’s versatility played a role in the decision to add more MRT159s to the Akem Group fleet. 

 “As the cranes will be delivered shortly, we can anticipate that the machines will support the construction of a new residential development in Turkey with the beginning of the project scheduled for Q1 of 2023. We look forward to seeing the cranes onsite and at work,” concluded Ibrahimiye, adding that he found the new Raimondi Class 110 range promising for the Turkish market with particular interest in the T187.

“Raimondi Cranes is pleased to continue our long-term partnership with Akem Group and seeing see our cranes at work in some of the most important jobsites of the region,” stated Badin, remarking on the company’s continued collaborative efforts with its Turkish agents.

Raimondi T187 sold to Italian rental fleet company Tecno Crane

Raimondi Cranes saw the sale of its second T187 flat-top tower crane at Bauma 2022 to Italian rental fleet company Tecno Crane.

The deal was signed between Nicola Pizzeghello, Managing Director, Tecno Crane, and Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes, at Bauma 2022.

Tecno Crane team members join Raimondi Cranes staff at the company’s exhibit at Bauma 2022 in Munich,

Based in Campodarsego in northeast Italy since 2006, Tecno Crane offers services and heavy lifting machinery to the construction sector. Operating across the country, the company counts more than 140 machines within its fleet, including several Raimondi topless tower cranes such as the MRT84, MRT102, and MRT159.

“At Tecno Crane, Raimondi has always been a synonym of high-performing and reliable machines; we were extremely happy to see the evolution of the MRT series into Class 110. The modularity and interchangeability of the jib elements is one of the greatest assets of the new cranes,” said Pizzeghello.

“The newly-designed tower sections allowing for greater heights, the improved ease of installation and dismantle of the cross base, and the new control system – ConCore – boosting remote assistance and crane calibration, are some of the key factors we considered when buying this model,” Pizzeghello explained.

Pizzeghello added that the new Lumina crane cabin features figured significantly in Tecno Cranes’ decision to buy the T187, alongside “the 10t cranes’ two falls configuration, which will help optimize site timelines.”

The flat-top, scheduled for delivery in Q1 of 2023, will have a maximum lifting capacity of 10t, with maximum jib length of 67.5m and tip load of 1.61t in Ultra Lift.

“We would like to congratulate Tecno Crane team for taking delivery of the first-ever T187 in Italy. We are excited to see the new model at work in our country and we are thankful to the Italian rental-based company for the support shown during these years,” said Badin, speaking on behalf of Raimondi Cranes.

Clark Cranes buys new Raimondi LR273 luffing jib crane

Official Raimondi agent for Victoria and Queensland, Australia’s Clark Cranes, has purchased one new LR273 luffing jib crane. The deal was signed at Bauma 2022 between Clark Cranes Managing Director, Michael Clark, and Raimondi Cranes Commercial Director, Cristian Badin.

L to R: Michael Clark, Managing Director, Clark Cranes, Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes, Marco Bertelli, Customer Service Manager, Raimondi Cranes

Based in Melbourne, the leading crane rental company boasts more-than 30 years of industry experience, and counts more than 70 Raimondi models within its fleet. Spread around a variety of different jobsites in the southeastern Australia, Clark has seen its machines on numerous residential complex jobsites.

“Due to the increase in multistorey residential developments across Australia, we decided to expand our fleet with a new Raimondi LR273. The highly performing 18t-machine – jib clocking in at 60 meters and tip load of 2.9t – can be installed in two different types of towers, GR6L and GR5H, without using a transfer mast,” said Clark. He explained that the crane is notable in terms of versatility of configurations, with I fall allowing for an increase in lifting speed.  

“We were pleased to attend Bauma and reconnect with the Raimondi team in person this year. It was certainly worthwhile to see the company’s new products and learn more about Class 110 series and Class 150 series. We are looking forward to more Raimondis hitting the Australian skyline in 2023.” Clark added.

With delivery taking place by the close of Q4, crane operators will gain firsthand experience with the new functionalities of the new Raimondi Lumina crane cab, fitted on the LR273.

“Raimondi is pleased to bolster our partnership with Clark Cranes with this latest sale, and we are excited to see the LR273, featuring Lumina, at work on an upcoming Australian jobsite,” Badin concluded.

Official French agent GP Mat International to take delivery of 20 new Raimondi cranes

The exclusive French dealer of Raimondi cranes, GP Mat International, announces its plans to take delivery of 20 machines from the newly launched range at Bauma 2022 next year.

GP Mat, represented by President Frank Torchard, and Raimondi Cranes, represented by Cristian Badin, will mark 25 years of partnership with the delivery of new models in 2023.

L to R: Marco Bertelli, Customer Service Manager, Raimondi Cranes, Frank Torchard, President, GP Mat International, Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes

GPMat has sold more than 600 Raimondi cranes over the course of the collaboration, and they can be soon across some of France’s most significant jobsites. Based in Nantes, Avignon, Agen, France, the company aims to amplify its already strong market position in the region with the new models.

The new Raimondi cranes have the benefit of interchangeability of jib elements and modularity of mechanical, as well as carpentry, parts. The cranes will be equipped with Raimondi’s new cabin, Lumina, and its new ConCore control system.

GP Mat’s history in the French construction sector includes countless influential projects. A Raimondi partner since 1996, GP Mat’s relationships with Europe’s strongest construction companies operating in France are based on its long-standing policy of customer satisfaction and client servicing.

Raimondi Cranes presents three new products at Bauma 2022

  • Raimondi showcases the T357, a 16t maximum lifting capacity crane, designed for clients requesting significant hoist speed and tip load.
  • The Italian manufacturer presents Lumina, the company’s newest crane cabin, in standard and extended versions
  • Raimondi’s renovated product portfolio generates enthusiasm amongst rental fleet companies and the construction sector.

Raimondi Cranes presented three new products at Bauma 2022, and welcomed thousands of guests over the course of the event. The two cranes – T187 and T357 – were erected at Raimondi’s outdoor exhibit, and were shown alongside the company’s new extended crane cab, the Raimondi Lumina X.

“We presented the T357 for Bauma, as it demonstrates the superior characteristics of the Class 150, the Raimondi’s new range of six flat-top cranes. With a maximum lifting capacity ranging between 12t to 24t, this new class was designed with the Central & Northern Europe, American and Canadian markets in mind,” explained Cristian Badin, Commercial Director at Raimondi Cranes. The Class 150 range is the second new series announced by Raimondi over the course of the trade show.

Raimondi T357 erected at Bauma 2022 with a height of 36m and a jib length of 60m

With a maximum radius of 77.5m and a maximum tip load of 2.67t in UltraLift, the T357 has the best-in-class specification in terms of jib length and load capacity both at the tip and at intermediate reaches. “The Raimondi T357 is aptly-suited for construction of medium-to-high infrastructural jobsites due to its maximum lifting speed of 152 meters per minute using a 75 kW winch, and the drum capacity of 800m,” said Badin.

Similar to the Class 110 series, the full range of Class 150 machines is designed and conceptualized as a whole set of cranes by prioritizing modularity of mechanical and carpentry parts, as well as interchangeability of the jib elements. The new crane series’ name is drawn from the 1.5m wide jib section.

All of the Class 150 models can be equipped with Lumina X, Raimondi’s extended version of the newly-launched crane cabin. “At Bauma, we decided to install the T357 equipped with Lumina, while keeping Lumina X on the ground level to allow everyone to experience its impressive dimensions – at a length of 3.88 meters and a height of 2.14 meters – and rich features,” Badin explained.

Market research and feedback figured heavily into the Lumina’s design planning stage, as the cabin is built around crane operator needs. The new Cab meets the most rigorous international norms of safety and quality, while catering to the highest level of operator comfort.

“When designing the new Cabin, we wanted to develop a space that satisfied the needs and requests of those who spend significant amounts of time operating the machine itself. We wanted to meet their expectations by raising our standards, and offering them the most comfortable working environment possible,” he stated.

At 2.14 meters high, 2.28 meters long, and 1.50 meters wide, the Lumina is one of the largest and most comfortable cabins in today’s marketplace. Boasting several new benefits such as an integrated refrigerator, multiple drawers, coat hangers, a wireless phone charger station and Bluetooth audio system, Lumina also features a new pneumatic seat made of a 1.50cm memory foam layer that stabilizes according to operator body weight. The pneumatic seat alleviates any discomfort during long hauls by preventing fatigue and posture pain, while also allowing for a calming working experience.

“The new Cab sports Raimondi’s fresh branding color scheme and boasts more than 80% of its total surface made of shatterproof glass. We worked to prevent overheating by using athermic glass, and redesigned the AC system to avoid glass tarnish,” Badin stated.

Raimondi T357 and T187 equipped with Lumina crane cab at Bauma 2022

While both versions have the same features, Lumina X has been designed specifically for countries with adverse weather conditions as the electrical cabinet is now part of the cabin, allowing for ease of maintenance.

Class 150 and Class 110 are both equipped with the newly-developed ConCore, a control system that builds on previous model strengths while having the capability to instantly detect and report specific type of errors, malfunctions, and faults. This important integration simplifies maintenance and service operations, thereby reducing site downtime. Additionally, the control system allows crane operators to fully calibrate the machine directly from the in-cabin station or via remote control.

“We received an exceptional market response for all of the products that we showcased at Bauma. Our dealers, potential clients, industry stakeholders, and guests expressed great enthusiasm for all of Raimondi’s launches: Class 110, Class 150, and Lumina. We are positive that our new models will be seen on several important jobsites globally. We look forward to delivering our first two T187s in Italy and Belgium,” concluded Badin, thanking his clients for their trust, and congratulating the many customers that have expressed interest in acquiring the new models.

Raimondi Cranes sees first T187 flat-top sold to Belgian construction company onsite at Bauma 2022

Raimondi Cranes saw the sale of its first new T187 flat-top tower crane at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany to Belgian construction concern ABHR. A leading company located in the Antwerp region, ABHR boasts more than half a century of experience in both construction and renovation projects.

“The purchase of the first T187 by ABHR, a new Raimondi client, is emblematic of how the company has been able to develop cranes that address modern market needs. We are excited to see our newest machine at work onsite in Belgium in the coming months,” said Cristian Bain, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes.

From L to R: Cristian Badin, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes, Max Van Gompel, Director General ABHR, Frans Versmissen, Director General Versmissen Group, Marco Bertelli, Customer Service Manager, Raimondi Cranes

“Both the construction and fleet rentals companies have reacted extremely positively to our latest product release. The T187, which is part of Class 110, is finding considerable interest among both our dealers and companies in the industry,” Badin added.

Badin further noted that several clients affirmed that features of the new crane including the maximum jib length of 67.5m and the maximum lifting speed of 115 meters per minute, in the 37 kW winch version, made the new model extremely attractive for rental fleet companies.

The T187 sold to ABHR will be equipped with the new crane cabin developed by the Italian manufacturer, the Raimondi Lumina, also exhibited at the company’s Bauma stand. Designed around the crane operator needs, Lumina features novelties like a wireless charger, a Bluetooth speaker system, and an integrated refrigerator.

Additionally, both the crane operator and the service team, will benefit of Raimondi newly-designed control system – conCore – ensuring swifter crane set up, extremely precise calibrations, as well as instant troubleshooting during operations.

The T187-10t is scheduled for Q2 of 2023 delivery, and will be put to work immediately on the company’s busy project roster. The new deal was signed by Mr. Van Gompel, Director General, ABHR, and Cristian Badin on behalf of Raimondi Cranes.

Raimondi new T187 flat-top tower crane, and Lumina X, the company new crane cabin in the extended version, showcased at Bauma 2022, in Munich, Germany