Bennetts provides four Raimondi flat-tops for one of London’s biggest re-urbanisation projects

Bennetts provides four Raimondi flat-tops for one of London’s biggest re-urbanisation projects

News: 28 August 2023

Bennetts Cranes is the UK’s exclusive dealer of Raimondi cranes. Bennetts recently installed three MRT159s and one MRT152 flat-top tower crane for The Green Quarter site in West London – one of London’s most ambitious waterside regeneration developments. 

Located in the Borough of Ealing, the project will provide modern residential homes, commercial and retail spaces, along with essential community facilities.

“We were thrilled to continue our relationship with an industry leading contractor by providing these four Raimondi flat-tops. It was also great to see that the contractor for this project has a 10-year-old crane policy, which means that all the machines deployed on-site cannot be any more  than 10-years old by the end of construction,” said Edward Seager, Managing Director, Bennetts Cranes.

Erected between 2022 and 2023, the four flat-tops present similar configurations in terms of tower height and jib length. In fact, two of the three MRT159-8t tower cranes are at work with a jib length of 44m and tower heights of 47.2m and 67.8m. While the remaining MRT159 and the MRT152 are both installed with a radius of 38m and heights of 64.9m and 47.3m.

“The use of flat-top saddle jib cranes in this particular case, where each crane oversails or is oversailed by at least two other machines, has helped to minimise the height difference needed between them. This has boosted the cranes’ productivity in terms of load lifting time compared to an A-frame crane solution,” Seager further explained.

The shorter tower height is also better for the environment and project costs as it reduces the base loadings, meaning less steel and concrete is needed for the base.

Another key feature of Raimondi cranes’ site suitability is the 2.5m boom length sections,” Seager added. “Other cranes typically feature sections of 5m. Smaller sections, such as those developed by Raimondi, allow for more accurate jib configurations – 2 x 44m and 2 x 38m – helping to optimise the use of space and maximise load handling time for greater productivity and efficiency,” he concluded.

Raimondi flat-top saddle jib cranes, ideal for congested jobsites, boost versatility in terms of jib configurations thanks to their 5m jib section

The cranes will be onsite for approximately another 12 months. The flat-top cranes will contribute to transforming a former gasworks and overflow airport car park into a nature-rich area for the local community.

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