Four AKEM Group Raimondi flattops at work in Ankara, Turkey, for prominent institute jobsite

Four AKEM Group Raimondi flattops at work in Ankara, Turkey, for prominent institute jobsite

News: 14 November 2021

Official Turkish agent, AKEM Group, deployed four Raimondi topless tower cranes in the Turkish capital of Ankara, for the construction of a prominent cultural institute: The Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History. Covering a total surface of 90,670 square meters, upon completion, the star-shaped structure will include 5 branches designed to represent each a separate institution – High Council, Turkish Language Association, Turkish Historical Society, Atatürk Cultural Center, and the Atatürk Research Center.

“We are extremely proud to supply these four flattops for such an important regional project. The decision to rent to the contractor three Raimondi MRT159 and one MRT152 came from the key characteristics of these models of having an excellent tip load and being very easy to install. Due to the shape of the complex and the tight spaces, it was essential to have cranes arriving onsite with all elements preassembled to reduce erection time, and to facilitate the installation process,” explained Mahmut Saygi, Managing Director, Akem Group.

The cranes will remain on the jobsite for an additional 10 months with the project expected to be completed within 2022. The three MRT159 with a maximum lifting capacity of 8tn, all present a jib length of 65 meters with ranging heights going from 30m to 59 meters. The MRT152, currently at work at a height of 45.70 meters, has a 65m jib.

“Due to the nature of the jobsite we had to carefully study and plan the positioning of each machine to ensure maximum productivity of each crane. The erection of the four lifters was carried out by our field experts previously, and Akem technicians still maintain the routine periodic checks to ensure smooth operations and highest safety values” he continued.

“At the current time, our fleet contains 112 total Raimondi cranes with 15 of those at work in Georgia and the remaining all rented and operating across different jobsites in Turkey. We are glad to satisfy and accommodate a variety of clients needs with a well-established European product,” he concluded.

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