Leading German company expands existing fleet with new Raimondi topless tower crane

Leading German company expands existing fleet with new Raimondi topless tower crane

News: 28 September 2021

Leading German company based in the southern region of Hesse, Eurogru, has expanded its fleet with a new Raimondi MRT234 topless tower crane, bringing the company’s total to 90 machines.

“The is the third Raimondi flattop tower crane that we have purchased from the Italian manufacturer. The first two models, both MRT234s, have been put to work across multiple jobsites in Germany for residential developments. The decision to build on our existing fleet with this specific model is based on its excellent performance and flexibility in terms of jib and tower crane configurations,” explained Nico Di Salvo, Chief Executive Officer, Eurogru.

Purchased in May 2021, the 12t topless tower crane has been installed in Dreieich, downtown Frankfurt, for the construction of an industrial complex. “On this specific jobsite, we allocated two Raimondi MRT234s with one being the recently purchased crane, and the second being one of the cranes dismantled after the completion of the residential development in Wiesbaden,” Di Salvo continued.

The cranes onsite have jib lengths of 60m and heights under the hook (HUH) of 41.4m and 32.6m respectively. Both installed within one day, the cranes will remain onsite until March 2022 approximately.

“We rented this Raimondi crane model to the client, Yukatel – an international mobile communications wholesaler – due to its 12t maximum lifting capacity and the excellent tip load at 60m jib of 3.46t. Both cranes are equipped with the latest technologies in terms of crane control, remote monitoring and assistance to enhance performance and jobsite safety,” he explained.

“The Raimondi team did a superb job in accommodating our short notice request of a new MRT234 for this specific jobsite. We highly appreciate the effort of the Italian company meeting our needs and that of our clients; a first priority at Eurogru,” Di Salvo concluded.

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