Raimondi Lumina Crane Cabin

Raimondi Lumina crane cabin was conceptualized and built around crane operator needs. One of the largest and most comfortable cabins in today’s marketplace, the standard version of the Raimondi Lumina is 2.14 meters high, 2.28 meters long, and 1.50 meters wide.

The cabin is equipped with the newly-designed control system and builds on previous model strengths with the capability to instantly detect and report the specific type of errors, malfunctioning and faults. This important integration simplifies maintenance and service operations, thereby reducing site downtime. Additionally, the control system allows crane operators to fully calibrate the machine directly from the in-cabin station or via radio control.

The new model boasts more than 80% of the total cabin surface made of shatterproof glass. To prevent the cabin from overheating, all glass surfaces are now athermic. The interiors boast several new benefits including an integrated refrigerator, multiple drawers, coat hangers, a wireless phone charger station as well as USB plugs and bluetooth audio system. Marked improvements include a new pneumatic seat made of a 1.50cm memory layer that stabilizes according to operator body weight. From a usability perspective, the unified monitor is an impressive 10” with the option of an even bigger 15”. The upcoming feature of integrated “all-in-one” live camera and as well as anti-collision technology will benefits the crane operators’ technical maneuvers.

Available upon request, Raimondi Lumina-X, equipped with all the standard model’s features, is one additional meter in length measuring in at 3.88.