Raimondi MRT189 topless tower crane

The MRT189 is one of Raimondi’s heritage cranes from the topless tower crane range.

The Raimondi MRT189 topless tower crane guarantees easy, safe and comfortable access to all main systems: winches, pulleys, electrical cabin, and safety devices. The machine can be installed in a city or in a climbing version with both available for installation on an embedded element, a fixed cross base, or a travelling cross base.

The MRT189 meets customer needs in terms of fast and safe assembly, high reliability and easy maintenance, large load capacity, and straightforward user experience.

City Tower:  1.7 m (5.6 ft.) | HC5s Tower:  2.10 m (6.9 ft.) | HUH 65.5 m


Technical Data Standard Metric Imperial
Max Hook Height EN14439.C25 45.1M 147.96FT
45.1M 147.96FT
FEM 1.001 45.1M 147.96FT
Max Lifting Capacity 10.0M 39,683.2 LB
Max Radius 65 M 196.9 FT
Lifting Capacity At Max Radius 2.20T 4850LB
Falls 2/4
Hoist Power 45kW 60hp
Slewing Gear 2 4kW 5.5hp
4kW 5.5hp
Trolley Travel Gear 5.5kW 7.5hp

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