Raimondi Cranes senior leadership team presents infrastructure case study at ITC Conference

Raimondi Cranes senior leadership team presents infrastructure case study at ITC Conference

Company News: 3 December 2021

The senior leadership team of Raimondi Cranes presented an infrastructure case study at the 2022 International Tower Crane (ITC) Conference in Nice, France, staged by KHL Group.

Raimondi Cranes Commercial Director, Cristian Badin, and Eng. Carmine Puca, Application and QHSE Manager, guided the conference audience through a case study on one of the company’s most high-profile jobsites.

The presentation examined the challenges and successes around deployment and maintenance of topless tower cranes applied to the construction of the third biggest bridge in Europe, the suspension Braila bridge, linking two Romanian cities of Brăila and Jijila.

The two key takeaways of the presentation are the importance of being flexible and adaptable to overcome sudden issues. The presentation detailed how having a reactive problem-solving approach was essential; one supporting example was when the necessity of modifying the anchor systems occurred due to some major differences between the technical project’s papers and the actual jobsite.

The second major takeaway imparted by the Raimondi team stressed the importance of planning each activity, from crane installation to crane climbing, to ensuring a 24/7 customer service plan with spare parts always at the ready for replacement, being stocked on site.

Raimondi Commercial Director Mr. Cristian Badin and Eng. Carmine Puca Application and QHSE Manager presenting at the ITC event held in Nice, France

The live one-day summit and networking event, hosted virtually for the past two editions, included a one day dedicated jobsite visit in Monaco. Raimondi Cranes was a Silver sponsor of the event, alongside other crane manufacturers from Europe and further afield.

The ITC Conference covers the entire heavy lifting industry, and is attended by end users, manufacturers, designers, buyers, and suppliers, and aims to foster exchange of information through discussions around the best practices on the vital sector topics.

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