Raimondi Cranes unveils new brand and company vision

Raimondi Cranes unveils new brand and company vision

Company News: 12 October 2022

  • Celebrating the heritage, heralding the future – Raimondi debuts a renovated look built upon solid foundations
  • Raimondi announces an extensive rebranding that reflects a new approach to the crane manufacturing sector
  • Raimondi’s new corporate assets include a new brand, new headquarters and 14 new flat-tops aiming to raise expectations

Raimondi Cranes SpA, heritage manufacturer of intelligently designed machinery, unveiled a new corporate identity and vision for the global construction audience.

“We are delighted to present a new visual identity for Raimondi Cranes, one that builds on its long heritage within the global construction industry. For the past two years we have been working on reshaping our vision with heavy investments into a new manufacturing facility, and by allocating substantial resources to our R&D department,” said Eng. Diego Borgna, CEO, Raimondi Cranes.

Spanning almost 160 years of manufacturing history and business activity, Raimondi’s passion and knowledge fortifies its reputation for developing quality products that resonate with client needs—a customer-centric approach has always been one of Raimondi’s key characteristics.

Building on this enduring value proposition, the company has invested extensive resources into two core areas of business: a new production facility implementing lean-manufacturing innovative techniques, and the development of 14 new flat-tops that have been optimized according to customer feedback. 

“The strategic decision to rebrand echoes recent innovations and encapsulates the company’s embraced vision of being the most responsive global leader in scalable heavy lifting solutions,” continued Eng. Borgna.

The overhaul of the company’s visual identity, a process that occurred over 16 months, represents a milestone for Raimondi as it is the company’s first full rebranding in decades. The renewed look and feel is confident, dynamic, and contemporary.

The new logo pays homage to Raimondi’s legacy by placing focus on one of its strongest design elements, the ‘R’ icon, while simplifying and modernizing it to signify efficiency and innovation. Raimondi’s signature shade of red has been replaced with a monochrome schema, conveying the company’s modernized approach. Touches of the heritage red will still be implemented on Raimondi’s products—the core of its business—symbolic of the idea that past and present can coexist in growth.

“Retaining Raimondi’s heritage and values was a top priority. The new branding reflects our evolving positioning and growing market ambitions with the aim of raising expectations. We will use it to drive expansion into new markets together with a series of new products, services, and solutions,” he concluded.

The rebrand will be rolled out over the next two weeks following the launch of Raimondi’s refreshed website. The official unveiling of the brand will take place at Bauma from October 24-30, 2022, in Munich, Germany.