Raimondi MRT159 flattop tower crane at work in Budapest, Hungary

Raimondi MRT159 flattop tower crane at work in Budapest, Hungary

News: 31 January 2022

Raimondi Cranes recently sold one new MRT159 topless tower crane to Bau-Daru, a well-known local tower cranes rental company, as part of a renewal fleet management plan.

“We purchased our first Raimondi crane back in 2015, an MR99, and since then our feelings for the Italian manufacturer grew stronger and stronger. In fact, the likability of the machines from a crane operator and site operation team perspective was so positive that we decided to expand our fleet with additional Raimondi cranes. At the current stage we have 40 cranes within our machine park, 19 of which are Raimondis. This includes the latest purchase of the MRT159,” said Szabolcs Nemeth, Director General, Bau-Dau.

The MRT159-8tn, is already at work onsite with a height under the hook (HUH) of 44m, jib length of 55.5m and a tip load of 2.6tn. Installed within one day by Bau-Dau operational team in November 2021, the crane will remain onsite for approximately 14 months.

“The decision to rent to the contractor this specific model came from two key characteristics of the MRT159. Firstly, it presents the best load diagram within the 150-160tn crane category which allowed us to outperform the competition. The second factor is due to the nature of the jobsite and its congested location; we needed a crane that facilitated the erection procedures. Hence, having the machine arriving onsite with all parts preassembled, ropes passed, and rope connections installed, was an essential benefit,” Nemeth explained.

The jobsite will also include two additional Raimondi flattops, one MRT186 and one MRT213, with the erection stage expected to occur in the upcoming weeks. The three cranes will be lifting formwork, rebar, and concrete elements.

Upon completion, Bem Center will comprise a stylish boutique hotel, modern offices, fine dining restaurants, and additional services that the surrounding area currently lacks.

“With the economic situation beginning to rebound, the intent is to boost our relationship with the Italian manufacturer. Hence, we are looking at modernizing our entire Raimondi fleet in the upcoming years by closely looking at its new products, technologies, alongside additional services,” Szabolcs concluded.

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