Raimondi unveils the LR273 luffing jib crane at Bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany

Raimondi unveils the LR273 luffing jib crane at Bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany

Company News: 10 April 2019

Raimondi Cranes SpA, heritage manufacturer of precision heavy lifting machinery for more than 150 years, showcased three cranes onsite at Bauma 2019. Two of the cranes, erected at the Raimondi exhibit situated at FS 1102/2 in the event’s outdoor area at the Messe München Trade Fair Center, were shown alongside the MRT573’s slewing unit, cabin mast and counterjib. “We decided the best presentation of the MRT573 was at ground level simply to bring people up close and personal with our newest product,” explained Eng. Domenico Ciano, Chief Operations Officer, Raimondi Cranes.

“As Raimondi’s largest-ever crane, it was important to us that our clients could experience the strength and impressive dimensions of the machine. The MRT573 may be mounted on a GR5H tower with pin connection or on a GR6L tower with bolt connection, the latter already on show as part of the fully-erected LR273. Visitors to our exhibit were granted access to the slewing platform, and were able to examine the electric panel’s architecture,” Ciano continued. “It is worth mentioning that the LR273 and the MRT573 can both be used on the aforementioned towers without a transfer mast, a cost effective and simple solution that we have implemented not yet prevalent in the tower crane marketplace.” Raimondi Cranes has applied this solution to all products above 300 tonne-meter capacity.

The new Raimondi LR273 luffing jib crane

Raimondi’s newest luffer, the weight-optimized LR273, is ideal for clients who require a machine that is easy to install and boasts excellent load curve and big drum capacity. This is a superior option for customers that need an 18 tonne maximum capacity with a lengthy jib – clocking in at 60 meters –  but that aren’t seeking the highest maximum tip load. “This luffer, offering the highest tip load of a crane in its class, is an excellent compromise between maximum load capacity and maximum tip load. Its parking radius is a major asset to clients working in congested and highly built-up areas,” said Eng. Mauro Masetti, Chief Commercial Officer, Raimondi Cranes. “Developed fully in compliance with the latest safety regulations; we actually designed the parking radius based on feedback from customers who are looking to refresh their respective fleets with Raimondi’s latest models.”

Masetti added that the Commercial segment is keenly supporting Raimondi’s continued development of new models. “We have now begun perfecting our system of client-focused products – meaning that we are more customer-centric than ever and that we continue to enhance and evolve our product offering and range of cranes based on what clients need,” Masetti continued. “To continue to expand our market share and have an inviting product landscape, Raimondi is encouraging any potential client to reach out and share their ideal technological requirements; we’d love to have a discussion on how we can best reach our mutual aims.”

The LR273 in its standard configuration can work in two, three and four falls, while a single line extension will be offered as an optional add-on. The crane’s main hoist comes in two versions both with an optional emergency brake: 67kW and 86Kw. A core characteristic, the luffing movement is smoothly-delivered via a 75kW motor, while end users will appreciate the control and personalization of the inverter-driven slewing and counter-maneuver capability.

Raimondi LR273 luffing jib crane load chart

The third crane installed at Bauma, Raimondi’s luffing hydraulic LRH174 launched in 2018, is a 10 tonne hydraulic luffer with a tip load of 2,225 kg in Ultra-lift mode with two falls. The crane can also be utilized in one fall, which allows for a maximum capacity of five tonnes and a tip load of 2,475 kg. In addition to the cranes, Raimondi also showcased the SL20-TC Crane Lift and the Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin onsite.

Raimondi’s senior management team, together with its full official agent roster, will be welcoming visitors onsite for the duration of the event from April 8-14, 2019.

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