Raimondi welcomed international crane sector professionals for intensive training seminar

Raimondi welcomed international crane sector professionals for intensive training seminar

News: 26 July 2023

Participants were inducted with both practical and theoretical knowledge deep-dive into Raimondi technologies at the company’s Italian headquarters

Raimondi Cranes staged its first in-house product training seminar to introduce the company’s latest innovations in machinery and technology.

Attended by crane industry experts from the United States, Canada, and Australia, the week-long program took place in Arluno, Milan, at Raimondi Cranes headquarters.

The training served as a platform to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Raimondi’s latest machines and innovations. By combining a theoretical and practical approach, Raimondi aims to equip attendees with the necessary expertise to maximize the performance and safety of the machines in their respective regions.

Participants touring around Raimondi HQ to learn in detail product’s aspect

The seminar highlighted key topics, including the new control system, ConCore, and addressed tele-intervention and remote access capabilities.

Operational and technical experts shared detailed insights into the design, functionality, and features of the company’s flat-top and luffing cranes.

Participants engaged in several hands-on training sessions, familiarizing themselves with the equipment, and operating the machines with expert supervision and support, and troubleshooting in real-time.

International field specialists testing the new Raimondi slewing control system

Recognizing the evolving landscape of the heavy lifting sector and the importance of customer service, the seminar prioritized tele-intervention and remote access. The program demonstrated that leveraging technology for remote operations can have a significant impact on enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety onsite.

Participants were introduced to the advanced tele-intervention capabilities of Raimondi’s tower cranes, which enable remote diagnostics, monitoring, and remote repairs. The training also covered topics such as data analysis, software interface, and best practices for utilizing tele-intervention tools effectively.

Live demonstration of the Raimondi new software interface and functionalities

This training will enable technical teams, crane operators, and other end-users to harness the full potential of remote access technology, thereby streamlining operations and reducing downtime.

A collaborative learning environment, the participants shared their unique perspectives and experiences, alongside respective geographical differences in the sector. The knowledge exchange enriched the seminar, and also laid the foundation for future collaboration and networking.

Participants engaging in one of the several hands-on training sessions

The program participants noted that the seminar facilitated professional development, and that the training will help to later enhance onsite safety practices while allowing them to unlock new possibilities in terms of onsite application and efficiencies.