Six Raimondi cranes at work in Dubai entertainment and retail hub

Six Raimondi cranes at work in Dubai entertainment and retail hub

News: 31 January 2024

Raimondi Middle East deployed six cranes at one of Dubai’s best-known entertainment and retail districts. The flat-tops are participating in the construction of a large-scale mixed-use development in a hallmark lifestyle hub by one of UAE’s master developers.

Two MRT159s, two ER240, one MRT234 and one MRT152 are deployed across three main plots, each one hosting a pair of Raimondi tower cranes. The MRT234 was specifically commissioned as a new crane for this jobsite.

“We are proud to play a vital role on this highly-prized jobsite by deploying six cranes on a rental basis for one of UAE leading developers,” stated Wael Hassan, Commercial Director, Raimondi Middle East. “2023 has been a tremendous year for our company, now counting more than 50 cranes deployed across the UAE.”

The six Raimondi tower cranes are all onsite in final configurations; with both ER240-14t hammerhead cranes presenting jib lengths of 50m and height under hook (HUH) of 57m and 59m respectively. The four cranes present HUHs ranging between 45m and 57m, with maximum jib length of 60m.

“The machines all have substantial maximum lifting capacity and great performance in terms of tip load,” commented Hasan, explaining that for each plot the first crane erected onsite supported the installation of the second, a cost-effective measure for the project contractor. The dismantling procedure will follow the same protocol, and is expected to take place in approximately 12 months. The ER240s and the MRT234-12t were the initial cranes, subsequently used for the installation of the MRT152 and MRT159s.

Upon completion, the development will include residential buildings, high-end amenities, retailing and commercial spaces, along with one of the city’s biggest parks.

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