Two Raimondi flat-tops at work on new building cluster in Toronto

Two Raimondi flat-tops at work on new building cluster in Toronto

News: 9 March 2023

Straw Construction Group puts one Raimondi MRT234 and one MRT294 to work for urban redevelopment project in Greater Toronto Area 

JESS Equipment Inc., the Canadian equipment management company operating under the Straw Construction Group, supplied two Raimondi flat-top tower cranes to a new building cluster. The jobsite, situated in North York, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is for the construction of three new rental buildings across the street from Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

“The decision to utilize these two Raimondi’s on this important project, is based on the superior lifting capacity of the machines, as well as the fast lifting and loading speeds,” said Sante Paglia, Director of Jess Equipment Inc.

Paglia added that due to the dimensions of the site and the project’s tight completion deadline, it was essential to choose high performing machines with significant hoist speed.

The MRT234 presents a maximum lifting capacity of 12t. and is freestanding at a height of 35.6m. The machine has been configured with a jib length of 48.4 meters and a tip load of 5.6t. Equipped with a 55kW winch and a drum capacity of 700 meters, the flat-top maximum lifting speed is 22 meters per minute.

Raimondi MRT234 flat-top captured onsite in North York, Canada, for the construction of a new cluster

The MRT294, which freestands at a height of 36.2m, is at work with a jib length of 42.37m and a 7.6t tip load. The 16t maximum lifting capacity crane is fitted with a 75kW winch and 700 meter drum boosting a maximum lifting speed of 26 meters per minute.

This Raimondi MRT294-16t is freestanding at 36.2m height with a jib length of 42.37m

The machines had a staggered installation schedule, in line with the jobsite progress. Both cranes, erected by Total Crane Hoisting & Rigging Inc., will remain onsite for a total of approximately 18 months.

“With the jobsite located in close proximity to Yorkdale Shopping Centre, one of the busiest centres in Toronto, as well as the Highway 401, one of the most trafficked highways in Canada, the biggest challenges of the project were to ensure smooth operations when accessing the site and to guarantee that the cranes do not swing outside the boundaries of the site,” Paglia explained.

Upon completion, the site will feature three contemporary towers hosting 760 residential rental units, commercial spaces, and several modern amenities.

“Currently, we have seven Raimondi cranes within our fleet, all at work at different jobsites around the Greater Toronto Region. We are proud to participate in this landmark project by Fitzrovia and have utilized two of Raimondi’s heaviest lifting machines in order to ensure its successful delivery,” he concluded.

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