ABHR erects first-ever Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane in Europe

ABHR erects first-ever Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane in Europe

News: 29 May 2023

Raimondi T187 has been chosen for its best-in class specifications in terms of lifting capabilities and speed

ABHR, a Belgian construction company with more than half a century of experience in the industry, installed the first-ever Raimondi T187 flat-top tower crane in a northern eastern municipality of Antwerp, Belgium.

Part of the newly launched Class 110 series, the crane was installed with the support of a Raimondi field technician and four commissioning specialists from Uperio Group. Purchased at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany, the crane is participating in the build of 19 residential units and will remain onsite for approximately 18 more months.

The technical installation process included the first stage of the jib and counterjib preparation at ground level, as well as the tower and cabin erection followed by the usage of a 200-tonne mobile crane.

“We are thrilled to be the first European construction company to have a machine from the new Raimondi series. The excellent specifications of the crane in terms of lifting capabilities and speed, as well as the weight-optimized components, which facilitate the installation procedures, were the features we most considered in choosing this model,” said Max Van Gompel, Director General, ABHR.

The Raimondi T187, as with the entire Class 110 crane series, boasts significant improvements on both the technical and operational level thanks to its new control system – ConCore.

ConCore’s many benefits include improved error diagnostics, alongside the plusses of mechanical and carpentry part modularity, and interchangeability of jib element parts. Having the best-in-class specifications, the T187 can lift at a maximum speed of 115 meters in the 37kW winch version, and the drum capacity of 620m.

A team of skilled field technicians captured at work during the commissioning stage

Available with a maximum lifting capacity of 8tn or 10tn, II/IV falls or permanent II falls, the Raimondi T187 satisfies a variety of client needs and jobsite requirements. The first flat-top of Class 110 operating onsite celebrates the extensive implementation of Raimondi’s new development and design approach to its tower crane manufacturing system.

The machine, at work with the crane maximum radius of 67.5m, a height under the hook (HUH) of 35m and a tip load of 1.61t, is fitted with the Raimondi Lumina crane cab. The new cabin is one of the largest in the marketplace at a height of 2.14 meters and a length of 2.28 meters, and is lauded for its comfort as it includes user experience features such as a refrigerator and a Bluetooth audio system, amongst others.

First-ever Raimondi T187 onsite in Belgium equipped with Lumina crane cab

The Raimondi Lumina is equipped with an impressive 10’’ monitor that boots legibility, data management and storage, and most importantly facilitates remote assistance as it allows instant and effective intervention.

“In terms of a broader market analysis, the Raimondi T187 is well-suited to the current requirements for medium-size developments in Belgium. It offers good lifting capacities and speed, while allowing for higher freestanding heights thanks to reinforced towers,” Van Gompel concluded.

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