Four Raimondi flattop towers cranes at work in the heart of Paris for ambitious reurbanization project

Four Raimondi flattop towers cranes at work in the heart of Paris for ambitious reurbanization project

News: 24 February 2021

Official agent of France, GP Mat International (GP Mat), has completed installation of four Raimondi topless tower cranes on a premium jobsite in the heart of Paris. Two Raimondi MRT294s and two Raimondi MRT243s were installed in Rue Lecourbe, Paris, for the renovation of two developments, including an old RATP building.

The new district will consist of a 200-unit residential building, and features the largest green rooftop of the capital, amongst other housing and commercial spaces.

“GP Mat is proud to support Cardinal Edifice in this incredible re-urbanization project. Considering the jobsite location along with the client’s requirements, we decided to sell the heaviest lifters available within our fleet. The two Raimondi MRT294 and Raimondi MRT243, with maximum lifting capacity of 16tn and 14tn respectively, have now been erected onsite with jib lengths ranging between 46m and 50m,” explained Frank TORCHARD, President, GP Mat International.

Planned to be onsite for approximately 34 months, the four cranes were erected in just over a week. “The project came with specific challenges due to the tight spaces and the congested location situated between the nearby metro station and several residential buildings. Therefore, when developing the site planning procedures and the crane erection process, we relied on Raimondi’s technical team to support us,” he continued.

To best meet jobsite needs, in three of the cranes, it was also necessary to install windsails at the jib level; increasing the surface exposed to the wind and helping to reduce wind resonance effects. This allowed the cranes to reach the natural weather-vaning position, increasing jobsite safety. Additionally, to maintain the machines’ configurations, the technical team reinforced the connection between the cross base and the first tower element with steel plates in one of the MRT243 topless tower cranes.

Finally, in compliance with French labor regulations, both MRT243s are fitted with the Raimondi SL20-TC Crane Lifts due to crane heights.

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