Raimondi Cranes appoints HLD as official agent of New Zealand

Raimondi Cranes appoints HLD as official agent of New Zealand

Company News: 14 August 2017

Raimondi Cranes today announced the appointment of Heavy Lift Designs (HLD) as the official agent of New Zealand. Founded in 2014 by Managing Director, Eng. Blake Hammon, HLD’s newly-established New Zealand headquarters is situated in Wellington, servicing both the North and South Islands. HLD endeavors to provide specialist engineering solutions to New Zealand’s heavy lifting machinery segment, building on its previous successes in New South Wales, Australia.

Raimondi MRT48 erected in Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia. HLD, engaged by Strictly Cranes, executed the crane placement and base design engineering

“New Zealand is my home, so I’ve always had a keen interest in the country’s construction market and economic prospects. I see New Zealand as the opportune place for HLD to launch new technologies; there is substantial activity in the construction and engineering sectors with room for a successful entrepreneurial-driven market entry. I’ve noticed a trickledown of machinery and technologies from similar projects in Australia into New Zealand’s market, and I believe our Wellington office is well-positioned to capitalize on this increasing level of interest,” said Hammon, remarking on the sector’s viability.

“HLD’s entire value proposition is based on bringing modern engineering solutions, developed and drafted with precision and care, to the construction industry. Raimondi Cranes is a fantastic, forward-thinking crane manufacturer; for this reason, we actively pursued the Raimondi agency appointment, and we’re looking forward to bringing the company’s highly-reputable, solution-based products to market,” continued Hammon. Under the agency of HLD, Raimondi’s ranges of topless tower and luffing jib cranes will now be made available to clients in New Zealand, together with after sales care and technical support.

Eng. Blake Hammon, founder and Managing Director, HLD

HLD, as a specialist tower and crane engineering company, provides end-to-end crane engineering solutions including technical lift planning, erection, dismantle and site planning, together with feasibility assessments, third-party verification and equipment sourcing. HLD will commence representing Raimondi Cranes from its Wellington offices immediately across the North and South Islands, including all Raimondi installations and dismantling procedures.

Spearheaded by Raimondi Cranes Commercial Director, Mauro Masetti, the heritage manufacturer’s goal to increase market share in global construction hubs includes strategic agency appointments with the most recently-named dealers situated in South Germany and Great Britain.

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