Raimondi marks second in-house product training for European crane industry members 

Raimondi marks second in-house product training for European crane industry members 

Company News: 19 September 2023

Building on the success of its inaugural in-house product training held in July 2023, Raimondi hosted a second three-day seminar presenting the company’s latest technological advancements at its Arluno, Milan headquarters.

A delegation of field experts from Germany and Italy touring Raimondi headquarters in Arluno, Italy

Attended by a delegation of technical experts from Germany and Italy, the training served as a platform to deep-dive into Raimondi’s newest machinery and solutions.

With the company’s latest introduction to the market of a new series of flat-tops, Class 110 and Class 150, and the development of a cutting-edge software, ConCore, the program provided an in-depth exploration of the latter features, including remote access and tele-intervention aspects.

Live demonstration of the Raimondi new software interface and functionalities

The workshop focused on key topics such as crane commissioning, calibration, and monitoring, along with data analysis and display functionalities to enhance crane performance.

Tailored learning sessions explored the new wiring diagram, and component functions, to allow participants to better understand instant error detection, troubleshooting, and repairs.

A combination of in-class lessons, interactive discussions, and live demonstrations facilitated by Raimondi staff, offered participants a comprehensive learning experience into how leveraging technology for remote operations can have a significant impact on enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety onsite.

Participants could explore Raimondi latest technologies via live demonstrations, in-class lessons, and activities

The collaborative learning environment allowed attendees to exchange experiences, while enriching the seminar and offering networking opportunities.

Livestreamed for the first-time, the seminar’s broadcast allowed all Raimondi team members to observe and learn alongside workshop attendees.

In-class lessons on the new wiring diagram, component functions, and technologies have been live streamed across the entire organization

Raimondi will host two additional in-house product trainings this October and November, alongside online courses with broadcasting for those unable to attend in person.

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