Raimondi to host second product training in Italy in September 2023

Raimondi to host second product training in Italy in September 2023

Company News: 1 September 2023

Following the success of its first in-house international product seminar, Raimondi Cranes is set to welcome a delegation of field technicians from Italy and Germany for a three-day intensive product training.

Held at Raimondi headquarters in Arluno, Italy, from September 12-14, the seminar will combine a practical and theoretical approach into Raimondi’s latest technologies and machinery.

With the recent launch of Raimondi’s newest series of intelligently-designed flat-tops, Class 110 and Class 150, and the increasing interest these are generating in the Italian and wider European markets, the Italian manufacturer is offering several hands-on training sessions to help industry specialists familiarize themselves with the new equipment.

Participants will have the opportunity to operate the machines under the expert supervision and support of the Raimondi technical team, while practicing real-time troubleshooting and engaging with software interface exercises to understand the machines’ advanced control system, ConCore.

International field specialists testing the new Raimondi slewing control system

Built by Raimondi application engineers, ConCore boasts an intuitive diagnostic program that reduces site downtime and lowers the number of interventions required.

The training will enable technicians, crane operators, and other end-users to harness the full potential of remote access technology and tele-intervention aspects.

Participants discovering and engaging with Raimondi new control system, ConCore

Raimondi Cranes has scheduled two additional product trainings in October and November 2023, with the latter focusing on the luffing jib cranes.