Two Raimondi flat-top tower cranes deployed for prestigious Milan development

Two Raimondi flat-top tower cranes deployed for prestigious Milan development

News: 18 September 2023

  • Spelgatti Srl builds on its relationship with SMV Costruzioni by selling two additional Raimondi flat-tops
  • The two MRT189s participate at the construction of Bosconavigli, Milan’s iconic new development  
  • Raimondi MRT189 remains one the company’s best sellers thanks to its ease of installation and high-lifting performances

Spelgatti Srl, a rental fleet company specialised in the sale, rental, and service of construction equipment owing more than 60 Raimondi cranes, supplied two MRT189s for the construction of Bosconavigli, in Milan, Italy.

Born from an idea of Stefano Boeri – one of Italy’s most awarded architects – and designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and Arassociati, with landscape design by AG&P Greenscape, the new residential development is set to become one of the city’s greenest landmarks as part of a regional reforestation plan. A pivotal re-urbanization project along the Naviglio Grande, it aims to link the city and the riverside area of Porta Ticinese.

Image Credit: Smv Costruzioni Srl – Raimondi MRT189s at work in Milan for the construction of Bosconavigli

“Spelgatti’s role in one of Milan’s most awaited developments is a moment of pride for the company we are supplying two new Raimondi MRT189s to SMV Costruzioni, contractor of the project. With the sale of these two additional cranes, we are consolidating the long-lasting business relationship with the Italian builder.  SMV Costruzioni now owns a total of eight Raimondi cranes, all at work across different jobsites in Italy,” said Massimo Guizzetti, CEO, Spelgatti Srl.

The cranes are freestanding at heights of 64m and 58m, with jib lengths of 65m and 54m respectively. At work with their final configuration, the flat-tops have a maximum lifting capacity of 10t, and a tip load to maximum radius of 2.20t.

Image Credit: Smv Costruzioni Srl – Two Raimondi MRT1189s freestanding onsite in Milan at heights of 64m and 58m

“Due to the tight project schedule, along with the nature of the jobsite, we opted for high-performing machines that are also easy to install,” Guizzetti said. The Raimondi MRT189s, equipped with a 45kW hoisting winch with a drum capacity of 660m, lift at a maximum speed up to 136 meters per minute.

Image Credit: Smv Costruzioni Srl – The MRT189 flat-top tower cranes are fitted with the Raimondi Deluxe R16 crane cab

The flat-tops are both fitted with the Raimondi Deluxe R16 crane cab. Upon completion, the new 11-storey development will feature 90 residential units, modern amenities and large outdoor areas with an ecosystem of over 170 trees, more than 8,000 shrubs, and over 60 different plant species.

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